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Assiginack Family Health Team

The Municipality of Assiginack Family Health Team (ASSFHT) is a primary healthcare provider organization located in the small town of Manitowaning.  The providers of care include a team of one physician, one nurse practitioner, one nurse, one social worker, one dietitian, and two lifestyle balance coaches.

Things you should know about this rotation:

The Assiginack Family Health Team services Manitowaning, the First Nation community of Wikwemikong, and beyond by providing scheduled appointments five days a week.  Our team does minor procedures and provides lab services, house-calls and palliative care.  There is also a satellite office in M’Chigeeng that we visit monthly.

Our Health Care Team includes:

Mike Bedard MD, FCFP—preceptor

Steven Daniel MD, CCFPpreceptor, LEC, LEG Board member

Joanne Mellan NP—preceptor

Marsha Moggy RN

Carmen Sloss RN, Diabetic Foot Care, Lifestyle Balance Coach

Nola Thompson RD

Michelle Hart—Pharmacist

Allan Chislet—Social Worker

Given Cortes—Lifestyle Balance Coach


Dr. Mike Bedard has a cottage in Manitowaning that is occasionally used by NOSM students, but it is not NOSM housing.  It is made available to encourage students and locums and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It is down a steep road and is not good in the winter, especially with the snow.  According to Dr. Bedard, Manitowaning lacks appropriate housing in winter months.  There is no NOSM housing in Manitowaning.

Clinic Administrator:

Sandra Pennie—Executive Director

Manitowaning Student Contacts:

Steven DanielManitowaning Local Education Coordinator (LEC)

Sandra PennieExecutive Director and Manitowaning Local Contact

Sarah WarburtonSite Administrative Coordinator (SAC)

Clinic Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (late clinic on Wed - until 6:00pm, or longer if needed)

Location & Contact Information:

Assiginack Family Health Team

23 Spragge Street

PO Box 10

Manitowaning, ON  P0P 1N0

Phone: 705-859-2170

Fax: 705-859 -2212


Manitowaning Recreation


Manitowaning Arena and Fairgrounds - skating, hockey,

curling, snowshoe rentals, baseball field, tennis courts


Walking/Hiking/Snowshoeing - Lakeshore TrailBebamikawe

Memorial Trail, Eagles' Nest Trail, Fossil Hill TrailMcLean’s

Park TrailGordon’s Park, Bowerman Nature Trail

McLean’s Park - hiking, running, mountain biking, snowshoeing 


Yoga - every Wednesday night at Joyce Homes on Bidwell Road

Volleyball and basketball - at the local elementary school,

Assiginack Public School

Public beaches - Manitowaning BeachPrairie Point

Wiikwemkoong Harbour FrontSandfield BeachSouth

Baymouth Beach

There is no public gym, but Dr. Bedard’s cottage has a full gym that could possibly be used by a resident or students.

Bay Street Marina and Manitowaning Beach - swimming, boating, beach volleyball

Rainbow Ridge Golf Course

Snowmachine trails Island-wide

Local Links

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